The Fashion House Callot Soeurs. Callot Model of Black Satin and Lace.

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Callot Model of Black Satin.

Callot Model of Black Satin and Lace. Paris Spring Season 1913.

Evening Dress, Black Satin. Draped skirt, sash draped around hips and waist with end in front held with handsome green buckle, green stones and tipped with gold. Black chiffon with black lace at feet. Gold and black lace for shoulder and waist with a deep shawl drapery of black lace flouncing edged with a band of gold lace, also forms sleeves.
Reproductions of model gowns exhibited by Haas brothers, for the spring season of 1913 with shops in New York (303-305 Fifth Avenue) and Paris (13 Rue des Pyramides)

Source: Haas brothers, for the spring season, 1913.

The fashion house Callot Soeurs.

Founded in 1895 in the Rue Taitbout, Paris, of the four sisters Marie Callot Gerber, Marthe Callot Bertrand, Regina Callot Tennyson-Chantrell and Josephine Crimont Callot. Her mother taught her the art of lace making.
The oldest of the sisters, Marie, was a trained dressmaker who had previously worked in renowned tailors, as Raudnitz and Co., at that time one of the leading tailors in Paris. They used initially old lace and ribbons and decorated so that blouses and lingerie. The success of the then ceased, they led the move to a bigger building and an extension of their collection.

Their fashion was working very complicated and costly. They used one of the first fashion designer, even more exotic materials such as gold and silver lamé, a fabric woven with metallic threads, which achieved a metallic effect. In addition, they provided the clothes, with most exquisite embroidery for an illustrious, international clientele.
In the ’20s, Callot Soeurs was one of the leading Parisian fashion houses. In the 30′s and 40′s, the market was fought very strongly, Worth, Coco Chanel, ect. so that they compete with their elaborate creations had become unmanageable. In 1952, the fashion house has been closed.


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