The fashion of Regency. Watering Place. Robe and Petticoat of fine muslin. 1795.

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MORNING DRESS, October 1795.

Watering Place. Morning dress. October 1795.


The hair in loose curls, and ringlets. White muslin cap; rose coloured satin riband tied, round the hair, into a bow in the front. Straw hat, lined with green taffeta, trimmed with a sky blue silk handkerchief, the ends tied behind into a knot; a green silk handkerchief tied over the hat, into a bow under the chin. Double tucker. Blue silk handkerchief trimmed with lace, round the neck.

Petticoat of fine muslin. Robe of the same, trimmed round the neck, and down the sides, with lace; short sleeves, trimmed with two rows of lace. Sash of narrow green riband. Black gauze scarf. Pea green coloured gloves and shoes