Charles V in Nijmegen on 9th February 1546.

Emperor, Charles V, Holy Roman Empire, ruler, Nijmegen
Charles V in Nijmegen on 9th February 1546.

Emperor Charles V ruler of the Holy Roman Empire in Nijmegen on 9th February 1546.

170. Lieven Goethals, The Emperor’s Herald.
171. Hendrik, Count of Brederode.
172. William, Prince of Orange/Nassau.
173. Emperor Charles V.
174. Don Caspar de Robles, Page of the Emperor.
175. Maximiliaan van Egmond, Count of Buren, The Emperor’s Chamberlain.

Source: Costume cavalcade, has held by members of the Leidsch Studenten Corps, at 24th of June 1890, commemmorating the 300th anniversary of Leyden University, re-living the State-entry of Emperor Charles V (1500-1558), into Nijmegen municipality, the Netherlands, 9th February 1546.

Illustration, damasks, ornament
Note:  Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France.
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