French fashion in 1480. Burgundian fashion in the middle ages.

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French fashion in 1480.

French fashion in 1480.

The clothing in this period reflects more on the very style of the Burgundian fashion. The man in poulaines, very short skirts, tight trousers. The jacket with slit sleeves, padded. The emphasis is on the broad chest, shoulders. The head is increased by a hat with a feather. Long hair is in fashion. In this figure, a noble man cares of falconry. The pointed shoes even have a moderate size, which in those times was the exception, as the various dress codes of those times documented.

The woman is wearing a dress fitting at the waist with a belt, on which hangs a small flea fur. This flea furs were taken from the pelts of sable marten or other species and should attract the then very popular fleas. She wears a cap with long ribbons


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