Regency white chip hat. Round gown of lndia long cloth.

Neoclassical fashion. Jane Austen costume. Empire fashion. Eighteenth century clothing.

Morning dresses September 1795.

Regency white chip hat. Round gown of lndia long cloth.

The Gallery of Fashion Vol. 2. Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London. Georgian fashion era. Neoclassical costumes in the time of Jane Austen.

Morning dresses. September 1795.


The hair in light curls, the side and hind hair in ringlets; white muslin handkerchief drawn through the hair. White chip hat, trimmed with a yellow crape handkerchief, and yellow ribands. Petticoat of muslin, with an embroidered border. Gown of worked muslin, with long sleeves. Sash of yellow riband. White muslin handkerchief. Gold ear-rings. Yellow gloves and shoes.


The hair in small curls and ringlets, white satin riband drawn through it. Straw hat variegately coloured, with a Vandyke border; rose-coloured handkerchief over it, tied on the left side into it bow; green veil. Muslin stock round the neck, frilled with lace. Round gown of lndia long cloth, with six buttons placed in a triangular form , on the back of the waist. Short sleeves with a ruffle, headed with a quilling of lace. Large striped handkerchief. Gold ear-rings. Rose-coloured gloves and shoes.

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