How to wear an Indian Sari? The method of draping.

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Different types of Indian sari

How to wear an Indian Sari? The method of draping.

The method of draping is as follows: Tie a waist cord; take the corner b and fix it to the right-hand side of waist, then pass the edge b-a across the front of waist, round the left side towards the back, and round the back of waist again to the right side; now take up some pleats in the drapery and push them inside the waist cord in centre front of waist, then pass on the drapery round the waist to back and round to the right side again.

Now catch up all the remaining drapery and throw it upwards across the chest over the left shoulder.

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Indian Sari

Let the corner hang down the back, and bring the corner a round towards the front of waist and tuck it in at the left side of waist, so that it will have the thrown-over portion to the right of it.

This completes this draping of an Indian sari. The width of this sari will drape a figure of 5′ 4″, most of those worn by Indian women are narrower.