Church Vestments and Textiles by Margery Roberts

Sewing Church Linens by Elizabeth Morgan.

Vestments for All Seasons by Barbara Dee Baumgarten.

The Costume Making Guide: Creating Armor and Props for Cosplay by Svetlana Quindt.

Followed by millions of people from all over the world, master armor maker Svetlana Quindt aka "Kamui Cosplay" will help you bring your cosplay dreams to life with your own two hands! Kamui Cosplay deconstructs the work that goes into making a complete costume, from the first thought to the final photo. Tutorials cover design planning, fabricating body armor, 3D painting techniques and more.

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Fra ‘Jean de la Valette, Jean Parisot de La Valette. Military Order of Malta.

Hospitaller, Fra 'Jean de la Valette, Jean Parisot de La Valette, Grand Master, Military Order
Fra ‘Jean de la Valette, Jean Parisot de La Valette

John la Valette

Fra ‘Jean de la Valette, Jean Parisot de La Valette, (1494 – 1568) was from 1557 until his death the 49th Grand Master of the Military Order of Malta and founder of present capital of Malta, Valletta.

The Order of St. John was built after the conquest of Jerusalem by the army of the First Crusade in 1099 as the Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem (Latin name: Ordo Sancti Johannis Hospitalis Ierosolimitani). The religious community was also called Knightly Order of St. John of Jerusalem from the hospital, the Knights were called St. John or Hospitallers.

First Time Sewing: The Absolute Beginner's Guide by Editors Of Creative Publishing

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Valetta Malta. Map. Harbour. Mediterran. Middle ages.
City of Valetta and suburbs. Malta 1827.

After the fall of the Crusader states first in 1291 the seat of the Order was moved from Jerusalem to Cyprus and in 1309 to Rhodes. In the time in Rhodes the Knights were also called Rhodesians. After the conquest of the island by the Ottomans, the Order subsided after multiple stops settled down in Malta in 1530. So the usual names today Maltese or Maltese Order emerged.

Source: Travels in Malta and Sicily, with sketches of Gibraltar, in MDCCCXXVII by Andrew Bigelow. Publisher: Carter, Hendee & Babcock 1831.