Knights of Malta. Teutonic Knights. Nuns of the Order of St. John.

Middle ages, Crusaders, Outremers,Monastic, costumes, Chivalry, military
12th and 13th century Crusaders, Outremer

The history of costumes. Forty-third sheet. XII and XIII century. Illustration by Andreas Miller. Munich illustrated sheet no. 733.

Upper half of the picture: Nuns of the Order of St. John. Knights of St John, or Knights of Malta.
Lower half of the picture: Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights and sword brother (Order of Brothers of the German House Saint Mary in Jerusalem, Ordo Teutonicus). Knights of Templar.

Source: Münchener Bilderbogen 1848 to 1898 on the history of costumes. Published by Braun & Schneider. Royal court and university printing office of Dr. C. Wolf & Sohn in Munich.


Note:  Jean de Montaigne, Reign of Charles VI. 1408

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