Men folk costume of Dalmatian town Kaštela in Croatia.

Serbian, National, Costume, Kaštela, Croatia,MUŠKA NOŠNJA IZ KAŠTELA
A man from Kaštela

A man of Kaštela, Croatia.


The town lies on the coast of Central Dalmatia between Trogir and Split. In the 15th and 16th centuries, 13 forts were built on the 16 km long coastal strip to defend against Turkish attacks. In the course of time, places were built around these castles, which today form the town of Kaštela and gave it the name.

The coastal section is climatically protected by the Kozjak Mountains. In the hinterland of the settlements there are many fields where fruit, olives, wine and vegetables are grown.

Source: The Serbs in the Adriatic. Their types and costumes. Published 1870-1878. Brockhaus Leipzig Germany.