Dalmatica 13th century. Liturgical garment. Halberstadt Cathedral Museum.

Dalmatica 13th century costumes. Middle ages ecclesiastical clothing. Liturgical garment.
Dalmatica 13th century

Dalmatica 13th century. Liturgical garment.

Halberstadt Cathedral Museum, dalmatic of controversial origin. German, English or Oriental. 13th Century. Design with deer and centaurs. Photography around 1900-1940.

Dalmatic, a long robe with wide but short sleeves that was worn especially in the Middle Ages in Dalmatia instead of the Roman Tunica. The so-called Blue dalmatica belonged to the coronation regalia of the German emperors. As it was Levitonarium of bishops, deacons,- the liturgical garment worn in place of the Planeta or Causa, over the alb and the stole during the Ecclesiastical Fair.


Note:  Italian gothic costumes 15th century.
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