Palais Stourdza. Palace of the rich Fairy of Luxury.

Palais Stourdza, Art Déco, Baden-Baden
From the Palais Stourdza.

Drawing of Christophe. Styl, panel 9 May 1922.

The Palais Stourdza. Friedmann & Weber (Baden – Baden).

Palais Stourdza, Classicism, Architecture, Baden-Baden
Palais Stourdza. Baden-Baden

Palais Stourdza. Exhibition House Friedmann & Weber.

Built by the Moldavian boyars family Stourtza. 1920 opened the Berlin interior appointments company Friedmann & Weber an exhibition branch under the name Gallery for art and antiques, fashion and crafts, in the palais. It became known as – Palace of the rich Fairy of luxury. Berlin fashion houses, held in the gardens of the Palais their exclusive fashion shows which were to be regarded as a social highlight in Baden-Baden after the first world war.

The Berlin interior decorator had set up different rooms as a sample room. One of the rooms was decorated with the famous dolls of Lotte Pritzel. In the winter of 1935/36, the Palais Stourdza was canceled.

Source: STYL – 1920s German Art Déco Fashion Magazine by Ludwig Sternaux. Published in Berlin by Erich Reiss & Otto v. Holten in 1922 to 1924.

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