Jacket and petticoat of sprig muslin. Regency era costume.

Sprig muslin. Gallery of Fashion. England Georgian, Regency era fashion. Neoclassical costumes.

Evening Dress March 1795

Evening Dress. Jacket and petticoat of sprig muslin.

March 1795. Heideloff`s Gallery of Fashion. 


The hair in light curls and ringlets. Turban of light blue crape; bandeau of gold foil, set with diamonds and pearls; the hind hair turned up, mixed with the turban, and the ends returned in ringlets. Jacket and petticoat of sprig muslin; four plaits across the petticoat; the jacket trimmed on the back with lace; short sleeves. Small handkerchief, trimmed with lace. Sash of blue satin riband. Three strings of pearls round the neck. Pearl ear-rings. Blue satin shoes. White gloves. Swan down muff.

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