The floor of a mosque. Silk carpet made of antique Tabriz weave, Iran.

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Antique Tabriz silk rug


Size, 8 x 6.3.

This interesting and valuable rug is of antique Tabriz weave, of finely blended colors and rare design. It represents the individual squares on the floor of a mosque, each one of which may be occupied by a worshipper kneeling in prayer.

Rugs with a single design of this kind are usual, but a grouping of many spaces in one rug is rare. Forms of the Tree of Life are represented in different panels, and the border is very rich and handsome. The weave is fine, the texture soft and firm. The rich and splendid hues of the various panels are so soft in tone that, while there are several different colors in juxtaposition, they have been arranged so deftly and artistically that the harmonious effect is perfect.

It is impossible to describe in words the mellow richness and rare art displayed in this unique fabric of the loom.

Reproduced by courtesy of Messrs. A. A. Vantine & Co., New York.

Source: Rugs Oriental and Occidental Antique and Modern. A Handbook for Ready Reference by Rosa Belle Holt. Chicago A. C. Mc. Clurg & Co. 1901


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