Historical costume from Tresnuraghes, Sardinia. 19th century.

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A man from Tresnuraghes, Sardinia. 19th century.

Tresnuraghes costume (Sardinia)

Italie Piemont. Costume de Tresnuraghes (Sardeigne).

Tresnuraghes is a municipality in Sardinia not far from Bosa, on the Planargia plateau above the city, in the province of Oristano. It was founded in the Middle Ages by coastal inhabitants who fled into the inland because of Saracen raids.

The commune takes its characteristic name from the ancient presence of three nuraghi, two of which have now disappeared, while the third still has few traces. In the rest of the municipal territory the nuraghi are numerous, although not in good condition: they are the nuraghe Martine, Nani and Tepporo.

Along the road that leads to the hill of San Marco, ending in the locality of Foghe, there is a dolmen and a stone triptych known as Su Ju Malmuradu, which translates into Italian as ‘Il giogo petrificato’ (The petrified yoke). According to a popular legend, a farmer, who had not stopped working during the procession of San Marco, was for this reason transformed into stone with his yoke.

Source: Colección de láminas en color representando tipos de diversos países par François-Claudius Compte-Calix, 1801.