Habitués of White’s. Marquis of Londonderry, Colonel “Kangaroo” Cooke.

Captain Gronow, Regency, dandies, Dandy, costume,
Habitués of White’s, 1812.

Regency dandies. England 1812. Habitués of White’s.

From left: Marquis of Londonderry, Colonel “Kangaroo” Cooke, Captain Gronow, Lord Allen, Count D’Orsay. Artist Joseph Grego.

Source: The Reminiscences and Recollections of Captain Gronow, being anecdotes of the camp, court, clubs and society, 1810-1860. By Captain Rees Howell Gronow (1794–1865). Published: London, John C. Nimmo, 1889. Artist Joseph Grego (1843-1908).


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