Country people from Zadarska Zupanij. Croatian region of Dalmatia.

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People from Zadarska Zupanija. NOŠNJE IZ ZADARSKE OKOLICE

People in traditional clothing from Zadarska Zupanij. Croatia in 1870. (NOŠNJE IZ ZADARSKE OKOLICE).

Zadar County (Croatian: Zadarska županija) is a province in the Croatian region of Dalmatia. It includes the northernmost part of Dalmatia around the city of Zadar, the offshore islands and the backcountry from the Adriatic Sea to the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Source: The Serbs in the Adriatic. Their types and costumes. Published 1870-1878. Brockhaus Leipzig Germany.


Note:  A woman from Karlobag, Croatia. The Serbs in the Adriatic.
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