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Coconut merchant costume 1774. Costumes of Paris.

Coconut merchant costume. Paris fashion 18th century. Baroque costumes

Merchant of coconut 1774. Costumes of Paris.

Coconut merchant costume 1774. Costumes of Paris.

Marchand de coco 1774. Costumes de Paris. D’après Poisson.
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The Reign of Louis XV. 1715 to 1774.


French king, Louis XV, Louis le bien aimé. Rococo, 18th century clothing.

Louis XV (1710 – 1774) King of France and Navarre (Louis le bien aimé)

Fashion in the Reign of Louis XV. 1715 to 1774.

The Regency — War is declared against paniers — The Oratorian Duguet — Opinion of the “Journal de Verdun” — Various publications against paniers — Lines by Voltaire — Whale-fishery company — Paragraph from the “Journal de Barbier” — Mmes. Jaucourt, De Seine, Dlisle, Clairon, and Hus — Lines in praise of corsets — New bodices — Coloured prints are forbidden — “Perses” or “Persiennes” — Bagnolette – Adjuncts of dress: necklaces, ridicules, and poupottes—Contents of a patch-box — A sermon by Massillon – Les mouches de Massillon, or Massillon’s patches — Filles de Mode, Fashion-girls — Some passing fashions—Powder remains in fashion — “Monte-au-ciel” — Simply made gowns — The first cachemire.
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Broderies. Les modes sous Louis XVI. La mode du rococo.

Broderies. Dentelles. La mode Louis XVI. Costumes de rococo. 18 vêtements de siècle.

Broderies, Embroidery Louis XVI.

Embroidery. Lace. Fashion under Louis XVI., 1774 to 1789

(Late baroque, rococo fashion era)
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