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FRENCH FASHION HISTORY. Costume and fashion plates with descriptions between middle Ages, Directory, Regency, Empire and so called Flapper. Vintage Haute couture costumes.

Création Chanel. Dress worn by Princess Dimitri.

Chanel, Dress, haute couture, vintage, art-deco

Création Chanel 1932. Dress for afternoon-evening.

Création Chanel 1932

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Robe à la Diane. 18ème siècle la mode rococo.

Robe Diane, Rococo gown, 18th century fashion, costue

Jolie Femme vêtu d’une Robe d’un nouveau gout dit à la Diane.

Robe à la Diane.

18ème siècle la mode rococo.

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The Frankish dominions in Merovingian times.

Merovingian. Historical atlas. Frankish dominions. French History, Middle ages Map

The Frankish dominions in Merovingian times (486-768).

The Frankish dominions in Merovingian times (486-768).

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Clovis. The Merovingian Dynasty.


Clovis, Merovingian King, Franks, Salian, French history, Rex

Clovis I. (466-511) also Chlodowech Latin: Chlodovechus; Frankish: Hlōdowig; German: Chlodwig I.; French and English: Clovis; was a Franconian king or rex from the Merovingian dynasty.


Baptism, King Clovis, Merovingian, middle ages

Baptême du fort Roi Clovis. Fragment d’une des Toiles peintes (XVe Siècle) de la ville de Reims. Baptism of King Clovis. Fragment of one of the Tapestries (15th Century) of the town of Rheims.

FOR the preservation of this statue, and the one supposed to represent Clotilda the queen of Clovis, we are indebted to the zeal of Alexandre Lenoir, who placed them in his museum of national antiquities. They formerly stood, with four others, at the portal of the ancient church of Notre Dame at Corbeil, a town about twenty miles to the south-east of Paris. But their companions perished with the church they embellished, and these figures, the only remains of its former magnificence, have been transferred from the museum to be placed at the entrance to the vaults of the magnificent church of St. Denis, the resting place of the long line of sovereigns of whose power Clovis laid the foundation.

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Fan design 18th century. Watteau style.

Fan design, rococo. 18th century, Watteau, Ivory, Antique

Abanico de marfil en forma de baraja.

Fan design 18th century. Watteau style.

Subject Watteau style: a party in a palace, where they dance Pierrot and Colombine.

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Woman of nobility. Time of Louis XV.

Nobility. Rococo Costume. louis XV. 18th century fashion

Woman of nobility. (1730)

Woman of nobility. Fashion at the time of Louis XV.

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Dessins de broderie. France 1818.

Embroidery designs. Empire, Regency. Dessins de broderie.

Tulle dress, trimmed with satin and Chenille.

Dessins de broderie

Embroidery designs. France 1818.

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Attendant, French Lords costumes. 14th c.

Attendant, French Lords costumes. 14th century. Medieval costume. Gothic. Mi-Parti

Varlet, Seigneurs en costumes de chambre et de ville.

Attendant, French Lords costumes 1360 to 1365.

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French merchant in the sixteenth century.

French merchant. 16th century costume. Renaissance fashion.

Marchand français au XVI siècle.

French merchant in the sixteenth century.

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The Sun King in theater costume.

French Sun King. Louis XIV. Baroque fashion. theater costume

Louis XIV in theater costume 1700.

The Sun King in theater costume 1700.

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Directoire costumes Paris, 1798.

Directoire costumes. Costumes imités de l'antique.

Directoire costumes imités de l’antique.

Directoire costumes imitated from the antique. Paris, 1798.

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