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Costumes and fashion from Iran and historical Persia. Illustrations of various sources. Editorially restored. Costume history of the Near East, Levant and Asia Minor

Wakf property of Daniel. Visit to Sheikh Thae.

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Visit to Sheikh Thaer, administrator of the vakfs property of Daniel.

Wakf property of Daniel. Sheikh Thae.

Visit to Sheikh Thaer, administrator of the Wakf property of Daniel, 1848.

Iran. Khuzestan. Ab-Dizfoul and the secretaries of Sheikh Thaer. Drawing of Tofani, from a photograph.

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Persian dervish. Iran sufi costume.

Persian dervish clothing.  Tariqa darvīsh درویش, Muslim ascetic costume.

Persian dervish.

Persian dervish. Iran sufi costume in 1840.

Derviche persan.

The term dervish designates especially in European languages a Sufi, a member of a Muslim ascetic religious congregation (tariqa), which is generally known for their modesty and discipline.

Dervishes Practice Sufism and are a source of wisdom, healing arts, poetry, enlightenment and wisdom. For example Nasreddin was not only for Muslims become a legend in the Orient.

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