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England fashion 1808-1815. Regency period.

Regency fashion. Colerette, Pélerine, Straw hats, 1804.

Regency headdresses. French First Empire fashion. Costume Parisien

Regency fashion hats. Colerette, Pélerine, Straw hats, 1804. 1, Chapeau de Sparterie. 2, Chapeau de Marcelline. 3, Chapeau de Paille cousue. 4, Colerette et Pélerine. 5, Coiffures en Cheveux Kisses.… Read More

Half Dressed costume. Regency era menswear.

Regency costumes. France First Empire Fashion.

Half Dressed costume. Regency era menswear, 1804. Costume Demi-Habillé. Journal des dames et des modes. Costumes parisien 1804. France First Empire fashion, England Georgian, Regency fashion era. Associated to: Reign of… Read More

Fashion in the Reigns of Louis XVIII and Charles X. Restoration.

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Importation of foreign fashions in 1815 — White dresses, white feathers, and fleurs de lys — Emigrant ladies — Russian toques — Male and female dressmakers — Ruchings — Short sleeves and long gloves — Herbault’s bonnets — “Chefs” — Anglomania in 1815 — Green gauze veils; spencers — The “canezou”— Lacroix, the stay-maker — Dr. Pelletan and Charles X. — Wasps — The “Ourika” fashions — The famous leg-of-mutton sleeves — Fashions “a l’Ipsiboé,” “au Trocadéro,” and “à la Dame Blanche” — Blonde caps and turbans — Head-dresses — Fashions “à la giraffe;” “the last sigh of Jocko” — Female book-keepers; shopwomen — The Cafe des Mille-Colonnes.