Brunswick robe. Cottage gipsy straw bonnet 1795.

Heideloff The Gallery of Fashion August 1795.. England Georgian period. Regency costumes. Jane Austen clothing.

Morning Dresses, August 1795

Brunswick robe. Cottage gipsy straw bonnet 1795.

Morning Dresses, August 1795. The Gallery of Fashion Vol. 2. Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London. Georgian fashion era. Neoclassical costume in the time of Jane Austen.


The hair in light curls. Veil bonnet of fine muslin, drawn at the top with a narrow riband tied behind in a bow, and crossed in the middle with a wreath of flowers. Brunswick robe of fine India muslin, scalloped and embroidered at the bottom; long sleeves. Sash of white satin riband. Large muslin handkerchief. White muslin long trimmed cloak, tied in the front with a white silk riband, and the ends floating. Light blue gloves and shoes.


The hair in curls and ringlets. Cottage gipsy straw bonnet, the edge trimmed with straw ornaments, and the front with a bow of lilac riband, tied under the chin with the same riband. Child’s frock of white calico; short sleeves, turned up with a cuff trimmed with lace. White Barcelona handkerchief with an embroidered border. Sash of broad lilac riband. Jonquille gloves. Yellow shoes.

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