Habitants de Tierra Caliente. People from Tierra Caliente Mexico.

Habitants de Tierra Caliente. Traditional Mexican national costume. Peasants clothing. Carl Nebel.
Habitants de Tierra Caliente.

Habitants de Tierra Caliente. Gente de Tierra Caliente entre.

The classic high division of the Andes includes five levels. The lowest level is the Tierra Caliente (Spanish for “hot land”). Here prevails tropical rainforest. Due to the climatic conditions of this part of the Andes is sparsely populated. Typical agricultural products are cocoa, bananas and sugar cane. In southern Mexico that stretches some areas of the states of Michoacán, Guerrero and Estado de Mexico.

Source: Voyage pittoresque et archéologique dans la partie la plus intéressante du Mexique by Carl Nebel. Published 1836.



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