King James from England with sword. Son of Mary Stuart.

The Tudor Tailor: Reconstructing Sixteenth-Century Dress by Ninya Mikhaila & Jane Malcolm-Davies.

A valuable sourcebook for costume designers, dressmakers and those involved in historical reenactments, this book contains all the information you need to create authentic clothes from the Tudor period.

King James from England. Son of Mary Stuart. English Crown. Tudor fashion era

King James 1566-1625

King James (1566-1625) from England with sword.

Tudor fashion era. Renaissance period.

He was born on 19 June 1566 as the son of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, and her second husband, Henry Stewart, Duke of Albany, in Edinburgh. James was from 1567 as James VI King of Scotland and since 1603 until his death in addition as James I King of England and King of Ireland.

Engraved by C. Holl for Pinkerton`s Iconographia

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