Masked Paris Opera Ball 1804, by Jean-Francois Bosio.

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Masked bal, Paris Opera, Empire, Costumes, Fashion
Masked ball at the Paris Opera in 1804.

Bal de l’Opéra 1804.

Illustration by Jean-Francois Bosio (1764-1827), chrome lithography by Gaulard. Composition pour le “Journal des Dames”.

The illustration by Jean-Francois Bosio shows costumed Empire people at a masked ball at the Paris Opera. They wear costumes of hussars, farmers, clowns, harlequins and Turks, some with masks.

Source: Directoire, consulat et empire. Moeurs et usages, lettres, sciences et arts par Paul Lacroix. France, 1795-1815. Paris, Firmin-Didot et cie 1884.