Mindanao natives playing the Kutiyapi. Philippines.

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Natives from Mindanao

Mindanao natives playing the Kutiyapi. Philppines.

Mindanao is the second largest island of the Philippines and its southernmost island group. The maguindanaos people are from Mindanao Island; the name means “people of the wet plains” because they lived in the plains watered by the river Pulangi. The tribes, which are neither influenced by Christianity nor by Islam, are called Lumad, they cultivate traditional religions, which can be called animistic.

The kutiyapi, or kudyapi, is an indianized Filipino two-stringed, fretted boat-lute. It is the only stringed instrument among the Maguindanao people, and one of several among other groups such as the Maranao and Manobo. It is four to six feet long with nine frets made of hardened beeswax. The instrument is carved out of solid soft wood such as that from the jackfruit tree. (Source Wikipedia)

Video: Lumads – Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao, Philippines – are Rising for Revolution!

The Filipinas Heritage Library. Filipino Music.
Music of the Lumad. Philippines Tribal Music. Manobo music.


Note:  Manfred by Lord Byron. English Romanticism.
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