Panorama of Jerusalem, seen from the Mount of Olives.

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Panorama of Jerusalem, seen from the Mount of Olives.




  1. Hill of Evil Counsel.
  2. Aqueduct of Solomon.
  3. Mount of Rephaim.
  4. Cave of S. Peter’s Repentance.
  5. Mount Sion.
  6. Tomb of David.
  7. Scene of the Last Supper.
  8. Haram es-Sherif
  9. Court of the Mosque Kubbet es-Sakha-rah.
  10. Mosque el-Aksa.
  11. Kubbet es-Sakharab.
  12. Jewish Hospital.
  13. Armenian Convent.
  14. Church of S. James.
  15. English Church.
  16. Castle of David.
  17. Greek Convent of S. John the Baptist.
  18. Minaret of Ibrahim’s Mosque.
  19. The Western Mountains.
  20. Tower of the Church of the Resurrection.
  21. Church of the Resurrection.
  22. Hospice of Saladin.
  23. Greek Convent of S. Basil.
  24. Latin Convent of S. Saviour.
  25. Minaret of the Serai.
  26. Tekhie el-Kasyeki Sultane.
  27. Residence of the Governor of Jerusalem
  28. Barrack of the Haram es-Sherif.
  29. A building belonging to the Daughters of Sion.
  30. Minaret. The ancient Palace of Herod.
  31. Church of S. Ann.
  32. Mount Gihon.
  33. Convent of the Dancing Dervishes.
  34. Herod’s Gate.
  35. Ancient Church of S. Mary Magdalene.
  36. Bastion of Godfrey of Bouillon.
  37. Kerm es-Sheikh.
  38. S. Mary’s Gate.
  39. Saracenic Ruin.
  40. Golden Gate.
  41. Cemetery.
  42. Way of the Capture.
  43. Valley of the Kidron.
  44. Place where S. Stephen was stoned (?).
  45. Gethsemane.
  46. Arab Tower.
  47. Tomb of Absalom.
  48. Mount of Offence.
  49. Tomb of the Virgin Mary.
  50. Mount of Olives.

Source: Jerusalem Explored. Being a description of the ancient and modern city, with numerous illustrations consisting of views, ground plans, and sections by Ermete Pierotti; translated by Thomas George Bonney (Fellow of St Johns College, Cambridge). London: Bell and Daldy; Cambridge: Deighton, Bell and Co. 1864.

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