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Herodias. A Mirror of Fair Women.

Herodias, Salome,  Emperor Caligula, Antipas, John the Baptist.

Herodias (8 BC to 39 AD). Divorced wife of Herodes Boethos. Mother of Salome.

Herodias. A Mirror of Fair Women.

Theodore Child, in “A Mirror of Fair Women,” published in “Harper’s Bazaar,” says: “The women of the Idumean family of the Herods are famous in history for their fatal charms and their insatiable ambition… . Continue reading

The First Crusade. The Knights Hospitallers.


Crusades, Crusader, Knights Hospitallers. Malta. Military orders. St. John. Monastic Costumes.

Hospitallers of St. John. The Knights of Malta.

The Knights hospitallers of St. John, – Knights of Malta.

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The eleventh century — Pilgrimage to Jerusalem — Difficulties of pilgrims from Europe — The two Italian merchants — The first Hospital of St. John at Jerusalem — Jerusalem taken by the Turcmans — New miseries of pilgrims — Peter the Hermit — The First Crusade
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