Swiss women’s costume of the Canton of St. Gallen, former princely land.

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Canton St. Gallen.

Swiss women’s costume of the Canton of St. Gallen.

Canton of St. Gallen (former princely land).

No. 35.

In the area around the city of St. Gallen, a traditional costume was once worn that still lives on today (1896) in that of the Appenzeller women. Their area of distribution extended across the Appenzell region to the upper Toggenburg.

The small “floppy” (orig. Schlappe) on the head corresponds to the huge wings that Appenzeller women later wore at festivals. The ribbon that had to hold back the hair was called a “hair eater” (orig. Haarfresserin); the hair is said to have fallen out from wearing the velvet padding. The bodice is made of blue brocaded silk fabric with rich silver trim on both sides of the bodice and on the back.

A coloured ribbon is used for nesting and for the armpit bows. The bracelets show gold and silver ornamentation. The skirt is arranged in even folds and is made of a peculiar mottled woollen fabric. The apron is made of calico. The apron braid (Schürzenbrisli) and gül edging (Göllereinfassung) are made of finely quilted silk ribbons. The shoes have high heels.

Source: The Swiss traditional costumes from the XVII – XIX century according to originals. Depicted under the achievement of Mrs. Jul. Heierli and reproduced in colour by photomechanical means. Original photographs from the Swiss Traditional Costume Festival. Publisher: Zurich, Brunner & Hauser, (1897-98).


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