Regency cottage cap. Spencer of maroon satin 1796.

Neoclassical fashion. Jane Austen costume. Empire fashion. eighteenth century.

Morning Dresses, March 1796

Regency cottage cap. Spencer of maroon satin. Muslin petticoat.

The Gallery of Fashion Vol. 2. Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London. Georgian fashion era. Costume in the time of Jane Austen.

Morning Dresses, March 1796.


The hair in small curls, plain chignon. Cottage cap of fine muslin, tied under the chin, trimmed with lace and white satin ribands. Petticoat of muslin, richly embroidered at the bottom. Spencer of maroon satin, plain, or blue cape, trimmed with lace. Muslin neck handkerchief. Fur muff. Red morocco slippers.


The front hair combed short upon the forehead; the side hair dressed in curls, and the hind hair turned up plain. Highland bonnet, made of gold foil and carmelite-coloured satin, the ends trimmed with a gold fringe; two carmelite-coloured, and five, six, or seven black feathers, placed in the front and at the top. Plain muslin petticoat. Straw-coloured chintz gown, cape, and lappels of carmelite-coloured satin, long sleeves. Muslin neck handkerchief, trimmed with lace. Double ruff of lace round the neck. Gold ear-rings. Jonquille gloves and shoes.

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