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African costume and culture.

Habit of a Woman of Africa in 1581

Habit, Woman, Africa, Habitus Variarum, 16th century, Thomas Jefferys

African woman in 16th century

Habit of a Woman of Africa in 1581 from Habitus Variarum.


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Usagara. Chief of Mamboya, with his son and witch doctor.

witch doctor, Africa, tribe, Chief, Tanzania, Usagara, Mamboya,

Usagara, Tanzania

Chief of Mamboya, with his son and witch doctor.

Usagara, Tanzania

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Zulu Warrior. Zulu-Kraal. South Africa 1899.

zulu, warrior, soldier, tribe, tribal, native, africaZulu Warrior and Kraal. South Africa 1899.

Wedding dance, ornaments utensils, interior hut.

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Women from Aden, Somalia 1885.

 Aden, Somalia, Arabian woman, Africa, Costume history, Fashion History

Historic women costumes from Aden

Women from Aden, Somalia 1885.

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Historical Berber costumes from Morocco, 1862.

Berber costumes, Tuareg, Morocco, Maroc, dress, Marruecos, Trajes, traditional, MM. Rouargue frères

Costumes of Morocco

Historical Berber costumes. Morocco, 1862.

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Zulu group with weapons. South Africa 1876.

Zulu group, Tribe, South Africa, clothing, dress, traditional, historic, photography

Zulu people. South Africa.

Zulu group. South Africa, 1876.

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Dahohman Army. An Amazon. Benin Africa 19th. c.

Dahohman Army. Amazon soldier. Dahomey Women Warriors. Africa military

Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh, an Amazon soldier.

Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh. An Amazon in the Dahohman Army.

From the 17th to the late 19th century Dahomey had women regiments in the army.

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