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African costume and culture.

Costume of Gambia. Voyage to Africa 1823.

Gambia, Africa, Traditional, historical, costumes, Thomas Edward Bowdich

Gambia. Alcade, Senhara, Moorish Muslims

Costume of Gambia.

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Historical Berber costumes from Morocco, 1862.

Berber costumes, Tuareg, Morocco, Maroc, dress, Marruecos, Trajes, traditional, MM. Rouargue frères

Costumes of Morocco

Historical Berber costumes. Morocco, 1862.

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Zulu group with weapons. South Africa 1876.

Zulu group, Tribe, South Africa, clothing, dress, traditional, historic, photography

Zulu people. South Africa.

Zulu group. South Africa, 1876.

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Dahohman Army. An Amazon. Benin Africa 19th. c.

Dahohman Army. Amazon soldier. Dahomey Women Warriors. Africa military

Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh, an Amazon soldier.

Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh. An Amazon in the Dahohman Army.

From the 17th to the late 19th century Dahomey had women regiments in the army.

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Art work by Dale Grimshaw. East London, 2016.

African, Makeup, Make up, Graffiti, London, Brick lane, Artist, Dale Grimshaw, tribe

Art work by Dale Grimshaw, London 2016.

London Street Art.

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Farasia, Kaftan. North Africa, Marocco

Kaftan. Farasia. North Africa, Marocco. Maghreb. Costumes. Clothing.

The Farasia or Kaftan.

The Farasia, Kaftan.

North Africa, Marocco

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Adoo Quamina in war dress. Ashanti Ghana.

Adoo Quamina. Ashanti. Ghana. Africa war dress.

Adoo Quamina.

Adoo Quamina

Adoo Quamina in war dress, a captain and courtier to the Ashanti king at Coomassie (Kumasi).

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Djellaba. North Africa, Marocco.

djellabia, djellaba, جلابة , Marocco. Maghreb. clothing, dress, Galabia, burnoose

The djellabia or djellaba.


The djellabia or djellaba. Maghreb region of North Africa.

Djellaba arab. جلابة It differs from the Egyptian Galabia by a sewn lace hood.

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Matabele Land and the Victoria Falls.

Matabele Land. Mosi-oa-Tunya. Victoria Falls, Zambesi. Africa. Landmark. Zambia. Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls or Mosi-oa-Tunya, Zambesi. (Western Extremety). Border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Matabele Land and the Victoria Falls.

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Bushmen. Man and woman from the San people.

Bushmen, San people, South Africa, Ju|'hoansi, !Kung, hunter, Khoikhoi, Khoisan

Man and woman from the San people.

Man and woman from the San people in South Africa.


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Bushman paintings from South Africa

San Bushman paintings. South Africa. Schooma, Xalanga, Ettrik, Kala

Fig. 1. Schooma, Xalanga. Fig. 2. Ettrik, Kala. Fig. 3. Jochemspruit, Barkly East. Fig.4. Minard, Xalanga. Fig. 5. Jochemspruit, Barkly East.
Fig. 6. Flooikraal. Fig. 7. Schooma, Xalanga. Fig. 8. Dorishmore, Kala.

Bushman paintings from South Africa

Picture above:

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