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Prussian army uniforms c. 1870. Franco-Prussian war.

Prussian army officer uniforms. Franco-Prussian Armies. German military uniforms

Sub officer-bearer of 2nd Guard Regiment. Officer 4th Regiment of the Queen Augusta.

Prussian army uniforms c. 1870. Franco-Prussian war.

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Sedan surrender negotiations 1870

Surrender negotiations before sedan. Prussian military uniforms. French Army General uniform

Surrender negotiations before sedan

Surrender negotiations before sedan on the evening of September 1, 1870 by Anton Werner.

diorama at Berlin Sedan panorama.

The Capitulation of Sedan.

A depiction of the talks in the village of Donchery, Ardennes, France, on 2 September 1870, hours after the French Army of Châlons had run up a white flag over Sedan.
Members of the French delegation pictured on the left: Supreme Commander Emmanuel Félix de Wimpffen (just standing up), General Auguste-Alexandre Ducrot, and other officers.
Members of the delegation from the Prussian Coalition pictured on the right: Supreme Commander Helmuth von Moltke the Elder (standing at the table), Otto von Bismarck (sitting to Moltke’s left), General Field Marshall Leonhard Graf von Blumenthal, General Field Marshall Alexander August Wilhelm von Pape, commanders of the 3rd- and the Maas-Army, and other officers.
Date after 2 September 1870.



Shakos 19th century. Napoleonic wars.

Shakos Napoleonic wars. Voltigeurs, Cavalry, Hussars, Artillery, Infantry, Grenadier, Officer, Fusilier, Flanqueur shakos. Battle of Waterloo. Tschakos.

Shakos Napoleonic wars 19th century

Shakos 19th century. Napoleonic wars.

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Hat and Sword of Napoleon Bonaparte I.

Hat, sword. Napoleon Bonaparte I. Lützow Free Corps. Shako with plume, pistol and saber. Dolman of the 5th Prussian Hussars.

Hat & sword of Napoleon Bonaparte

Hat & sword of Napoleon Bonaparte I.

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