Woman of Goma. Congo Makele. African hairstyle.

Goma, Tradional, African, hairstyle, Congo Makele, Ngoma,
Hairstyle Congo Makele, goma woman

Woman of Goma.

African hairstyle, Congo Makele.

Goma is a major city in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the capital of North Kivu Province. Goma is located in the Nyiragongo Territory. The city is located between the Nyiragongo volcano in the north and the shores of Lake Kivu in the south.

Immediately east of Goma is the state border with Rwanda and the town of Gisenyi, which belongs to Rwanda.

Ngoma is a settlement in the Zambezi region of Namibia. It is located on the Chobe River and the Ngoma Bridge, which is a Namibian border crossing into Botswana.

Source: The dark continent; Africa, the landscape and the people by Hugo Adolf Bernatzik. Published: Studio London 1931.