American Colonial style 18th century

Old State House, Boston, Massachusetts, American, colonial, architecture

Old State House (Georgian), Boston, Massachusetts

American Colonial style 18th century.

Brief overview of the cultural epochs by using selected characteristic elements of style.

American colonial costumes from 1760 and 1717. Man and woman Puritan costumes. Quaker costume.

American Colonial furniture, spinning wheels and lighting articles: Arm chair, highboy, Paul Revere lantern, candlestick, cradle, ladder back chair, gate leg table, butterfly table, spinning wheel for flax and a wool spinning wheel.

American Colonial furniture and Architectural decorations.

American, colonial, living, room, drapery, cornice, design, furniture

American colonial living room

American colonial living room drapery with wood cornice.

Map, English, American, Settlements, 17th Century, Colonies

English American Settlements later Part of 17th Century

English American Settlements

Underlined names were English Colonies before 1700.
Map by Longmans, Green & Co. Ldt. London, New York, Toronto, Bombay, Calcutta & Madras. Map XXVI.

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