Attendant, French Lords costumes. 14th c.

Attendant, French Lords costumes. 14th century. Medieval costume. Gothic. Mi-Parti

Varlet, Seigneurs en costumes de chambre et de ville.

Attendant, French Lords costumes 1360 to 1365.

Varlet, Seigneurs en costumes de chambre et de ville. (Miniatures de l’an 1360 à 1365) -‎ (D’après une tapisserie de la cathédrale de Berne, 1440 à 1450) 

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Source: Costumes civils et militaires des Français à travers les siècles. 1883. Author: Jean Baptiste Marie Augustin Challamel. Engraver: Meunier, Jean-Baptiste. Ouvrage couronné par l’Académie francaise.


Medieval, Byzantine, Gothic, Burgundy, Renaissance

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  1. Reigns of John and of Charles V. 1350 to 1380. (Medieval, Byzantine, Gothic)
  2. Reigns’ of Charles VI. and Charles VII. 1380 to 1461. (Medieval, Gothic, Burgundy)
  3. Reigns of Louis XI, Charles VIII, and Louis XII. 1461 to 1515 (Medieval, Burgundy, Renaissance)
  4. Reign of Francis I. 1515 to 1545. (Renaissance, Tudor)
  5. Reign of Henry II. 1547 to 1558. (Tudor, Renaissance)
  6. Reign of Francis II. 1559 to 1560. (Tudor, Renaissance)
  7. Reign of Charles IX. 1560 to 1574. (Tudor, Renaissance, Spanish court dress)
  8. Reign of Henri III. 1574 to 1589. (Renaissance, early Baroque, Spanish court dress, Tudor)
  9. Reigns of Henri IV. and Louis XIII. 1589 to 1643. (Renaissance, Baroque)
  10. Reign of Louis XIV. 1643 to 1715. (Baroque)
  11. Reign of Louis XV. 1715 to 1774. (Rococo)
  12. Reign of Louis XVI. 1774 to 1780. (Late Rococo)
  13. Reign of Louis XVI. 1780 to 1789. Le Pouf. Fashion in the Ancien Régime.
  14. The Reticulated Headdress. 15th century. Medieval Burgundy era.
  15. The Hennin. Headdress 15th century. Medieval Burgundy era.
  16. Costumes de Noblesse du 14ème siècle. Histoire de la mode médiévale.
  17. Noble anglaise. Mode féminine du Moyen Age. 13ème siècle. 13ème siècle.
  18. Gabrielle d’Estrées, mistress of the French King Henry IV. 16th century, Renaissance.
  19. Henri de Lorraine, duc de Guise. France 16th century. Huguenot wars.
  20. Madame de Pompadour. Her political power and general influence to Louis XV. Rococo era.
  21. 15th century medieval room interior. The history of Tobit. Historia Scholastica.
  22. The Corset and the Crinoline. Fashion history. From ancient until 19th c.
  23. Pictures and Royal Portraits Illustrative of English and Scottish History.
  24. Les Modes de la Renaissance de l’an 1461 à l’an 1574.
  25. Characters of The Commedia dell Arte. Italian Renaissance Theater.
  26. The Rise of Monachism. Monastic costumes history.
  27. On the history of costumes. Fashion gallery from ancient until the 19th century.
  28. King James I of England, son of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots.
  29. The Gunpowder Plot. England history.
  30. Mary Queen of Scots England history.
  31. The character of Henry VIII. Tudor King of England.
  32. The reign of Elizabeth. The days of Queen Bess.
  33. Tudor Queen. The offer of the crown to Lady Jane Grey.
  34. Queen Mary, the daughter of Henry VIII.
  35. Sir Francis Drake. England history.
  36. The english boy king Edward VI. England history.
  37. Relics associated with Queen Elisabeth. England history.
  38. 11th to 13th century French fashion history.
  39. 11th to 13th century German fashion history.
  40. 11th to 15th century Caps and Hoods fashion.
  41. 13th century French male fashion history.
  42. 14th to 15th century Italian fashion history.
  43. 14th century German fashion history.
  44. 14th century Headdresses
  45. 15th century German male fashion history.
  46. 15th century German female fashion history.
  47. 15th century medieval room interior.
  48. Italian Lace History. Reference List of Italian Laces.
  49. Fabric terms dictionary from A to Z
  50. Collection of antique fabric design.
  51. The Corset and the Crinoline. Introduction of Cottes-Hardies.
  52. Pictures and Royal Portraits Illustrative of English and Scottish History.
  53. The Corset and the Crinolin fashion history.
  54. The Commedia dell’Arte. Italian Renaissance Theater.
  55. The French Fashion History (Overview)
  56. The Gallic and Gallo-Roman costume period.
  57. Byzantine costume history. 
  58. Frankish Merovingian costume history.
  59. Carolingian Period 752-987. Reign of Charlemagne.
  60. The Carolingian Fashion Period 987 to 1270.
  61. The Influence of the Crusaders to the French clothing.
  62. The First Crusade. The Knights Hospitallers.
  63. The Crusades. The Knights Templar.
  64. The Crusaders in the 12th and 13 Century.
  65. The Rise of Monachism. Monastic costumes history.
  66. The Knights of the Teutonic Order of Knighthood.
  67. Christine de Pisa presenting her manuscript Roman de las Rose to Queen Isabeau of Bavaria.
  68. Eleanor of Aquitaine, Medieval Queen 12th century.
  69. The Romance of the Rose. The Art of courtly love.
  70. The Lady of Tournament delivering the Price.
  71. On the history of costumes. From Ancient to the 19th century.
Note:  Noble Franconian women. Medieval clothing 10th century.

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