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Costume and Fashion History during the 18th Century. Clothing of the Late Baroque, Rococo, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Rose Bertin Minister of Fashion at the court of Marie Antoinette. The French Revolution fashion period of Incroyables and Merveilleuses. The Georgians and Regency period.

Elégante en petite robe de Taffetas de Indes rayé, garnie en Pouf.

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Petite robe de taffetas des Indes rayé, garnie en pouf de gaze rayée; manches en pagodes, avec des bons-hommes j volant très haut, timbré en chef d’une garniture pareille à celle de la robe, et dominé par une autre bande mise en barrière.

H.H. Raja Shri Sawai Pratap Sinhji Bahadur, Rao Raja of Alwar.

Rao Raja Pratap Singh

Rao Pratap Singh life fell in troublous times, when the Moghul house was falling, and adventurers of different faiths and races were striving to carve out for themselves dominions and fortunes on the ruins of the disintegrating empire. Assumed the title of Maharao Raja Shri Sawai (not recognised by the Mughal authorities, and thus treated as personal, and not an hereditary territorial designation).