Category: Ancien Régime

Ancien Régime. Early modernity all over Europe before the French Revolution of 1789, a term representative for absolutism.

France 18th century. The Panniers, the Hoop, the Justaucorps.

Rococo, Panniers, Justaucorps, Hoop, skirt, fashion, costumes, Auguste Racinet

Women with paniers. The origin of these skirts. The panier was in fashion until the last years of kingship. The bourgeois classes. The luxury dress of men consisted of the Justaucorps, waistcoat and the leg dresses.

Louis XIV and the officers in the livery of the royal house.

Louis XIV, Livery, Arras, state carriage, coach, baroque, France, clothing, costumes

The fragments shown here are borrowed from a painting by Van der Maulen depicting the entry of Louis XIV and Maria Theresa into Arras after the beginning of the campaign in 1667. The Queen’s Marstall. The grand stable master. Ladies of honour. The Gardes du Corps. The king’s chariot.

Elégante en petite robe de Taffetas de Indes rayé, garnie en Pouf.

Rococo, Robe, fashion, france, Costumes Français

Petite robe de taffetas des Indes rayé, garnie en pouf de gaze rayée; manches en pagodes, avec des bons-hommes j volant très haut, timbré en chef d’une garniture pareille à celle de la robe, et dominé par une autre bande mise en barrière.