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Glimpses of Gotham and city characters.

Pauline Markham, Samuel Anderson Mackeever, Gotham, Author, New York, costume, theater

Miss Pauline Markham.

Glimpses of Gotham and city characters.


Men and women who deal in fancy costumes.

The business of letting out costumes—and that reminds me that the last one I tried to wear needed considerable letting out—has its peculiar seasons, just as other vocations have. We are now in the ball period of our metropolitan existence, and as the dealer in fantastic habits skips about among his tinseled stock he feels like crying, “On with the dance!” It is just at present that he makes money, or tries to, at least, passing the rest of the year as best he can, buoyed up by the same hope which animates a watering-place hotel keeper.

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The ballerina Marie Taglioni dancing the Flore.

Marie Taglioni. Ballerina costume. Dance costumes. Fantasy dress

Marie Taglioni, la Sylphide

The ballerina Marie Taglioni dancing the Flore in the ballet ‘Zephyr et Flore‘.

The ballet dancer, ballerina Marie Taglioni as Flore in her London debut 1830. A Sylphide in the ballet ‘Zephyr et Flore’ by Charles-Louis Didelot.
Marie Taglioni was the first star of the romantic ballet. It is considered the first master of the tip dance. Her international career began when she appeared in 1832 at the Paris Opera Ballet in the La Sylphide by Jean Schneitzhoeffer. The choreographer of the piece was her father, Filippo Taglioni.

Costumes historiques de ville ou de théatre et travestissements. Author: Achille Devéria and José Domínguez Bécquer. Publisher Paris: Goupil et Vibert. Publisher London: Charles Tilt 1831-1839. Printed by: Lemercier & Cie.

The Pirates of Penzance 1879.

Caribbean Pirates costumes.  Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook,  Davey Jones outfit. Halloween and Theater  costume


The Pirates of Penzance, a comic opera by Arthur Sullivan and William S. Gilbert 1879.

Costume design for the opera The Pirates of Penzance or the The Slave of Duty by the British painter and theatre designer George Sheringham.