Elizabeth Beauclerk, Lady Herbert second daughter of Lady Diana Spencer

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Elizabeth Beauclerk, Lady, Herbert, Diana, Pembroke
LADY HERBERT (nee ELIZABETH BEAUCLERK). By Sir William Beechey. Canvas.


By Sir William Beechey. Canvas. Lady Pembrokes Room.

Elizabeth Beauclerk, Lady Herbert (20 August 1766 – 25 March 1793)

Three-quarter length, seated in a gilt chair towards the left, head turned towards spectator; white muslin dress with blue sash, powdered hair turned back and tied with a white ribbon; warm gray background. Recently restored and in good preservation.

Elizabeth Beauclerk was the third child and second daughter of Lady Diana (née Lady Diana Spencer, Artist, 24 March 1734–1 August 1808) and Topham Beauclerk (great-grandson of King Charles II); 1) she married in 1787 2) her cousin George Augustus, Lord Herbert, eldest son of Henry, Earl of Pembroke, and his wife Elizabeth (Spencer),3) who succeeded as eleventh earl in 1794. She had three children, George Charles, who died young, Robert Henry, 4) who succeeded, and Diana 5) who married Welbore, second Earl of Normanton; a fourth child, Charles, is stated by Collins to have been born on 9th March, 1793, but probably did not survive his mother, who died on the 25th of the same month, 6) less than a year before her husband succeeded.

1 See Beauclerk.
2 April 8th.
3 Daughter of Charles, Duke of Marlborough.
4 See Chalon. He was born 19th September, 1791.—Collins.
5 Born 5th February, 1790.—Collins.
6 She was buried in the old Parish Church of Wilton, with this inscription: “This tablet is inscribed by George, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, to the memory of his beloved and ever to be lamented wife, Elizabeth, the daughter of Topham Beauclerk, Esq. and Lady Diana Beauclerk, who died the 25th of March, 1792, aged 26 years. And of his dear and amiable infant son George, who died the 15th of July 1793, aged 5 years and 3 months.”— Hoare’s Modern Wiltshire.

Note:  William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke by Sir Anthony van Dyck.

Source: Wilton house pictures; containing a full and complete catalogue and description … by Sidney Herbert Earl of Pembroke. London, Printed at the Chiswick press, 1907.


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