A German noble costume in the 15th century.

German noble costume,renaissance,15th century, dress,clothing,sword, sword-belt

A German noble.


THIS costume is taken from a picture of Pinturicchio (Bernardino di Betto di Biagio), and represents a nobleman in the suite of the Emperor Frederic (Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III, 1415 – 1493), at the interview when he plighted his faith to the Princess of Portugal (Eleanor of Portugal, Holy Roman Empress 1434 – 1467).

He wears a red hat, held in its place by a greenish ribbon, passing under the chin. The collar and the hood are yellow, bordered in part with gold. The coat is white, changing to a bluish tint, and is terminated by a border of gold. The stockings are red; the boots of a yellowish color, and the spurs are silver. The sword-belt is red, with gold buttons. The case of the sword is white, with gilded ornaments.

The Italian costumes furnish few examples of the use of boots; but the monuments of the northern nations prove that the French, the Germans, and the English very generally availed themselves of this mode of protecting the feet and legs; compelled, doubtless, by the necessities of a cold and moist climate.


Renaissance, Baroque, Ancien Régime, Tudor fashion era.

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