Costumes engraved by Jacques Boissard. Period of Henry III.

Jacques Boissard, Costumes, Renaissance, clothing
Modes Française. Époque de Henry III. D’Apres Jacques Boissard.

Modes Française. Époque de Henry III. D’Apres Jacques Boissard.

The countess Dziatynska, by birth princess Czartoryska, whose fine collection and good taste in fine arts are well known, has put to our disposition a selection of costumes engraved by Jacques Boissard in 1581. This selection, which has become extremely rare, presents a complete history of the costumes of that age. We will often profit by it: from to day we copy one of the plates with french costumes.


Note:  Henri d'Albret, Grand-Père De Henri IV, d'après Gagnières, 1527.

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