Jeanne, Comtesse de Toulouse 1220-1271.

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Joan of Toulouse 1220-1271

Joan of Toulouse

(Jeanne, Comtesse de Toulouse)

Joan of Toulouse (1220 – 1271) was the only daughter of Count Raimund VII of Toulouse and his wife Sancha of Aragon  (1186–1241) , the last Countess of Toulouse and Margravine of Provence.

In accordance with the clauses of the Treaty of Paris of 1229, Joan was betrothed to the French Prince Alfonso of Poitiers, the brother of King Louis IX. From then on she lived at the royal court in Paris, where she also received her education. In 1241 she married Alfonso, and after the death of her father in 1249 they were both able to inherit his estate.

The couple remained childless. Both died on the way back from the seventh crusade in Italy on two consecutive days. Joan was buried in the Abbey of Gercy (Jarcy) (today Varennes-Jarcy), which she had founded, but her husband was buried in the Basilica of Saint-Denis. The property of the two was confiscated by the crown as a finished fief and integrated into the royal domain. Only the Comtat Venaissin went to the Pope, under whose rule it remained until 1791.


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