A Tchocadar, servant to affluent Ottoman house.

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A TCHOCADAR. Servant to affluent Ottoman house.

A Tchocadar, servant to affluent Ottoman house

Historical Ottoman Empire officials and ethnic groups.

If we limit our ideas of ostentation and magnificence to what we are accustomed to see in most parts of Europe, we shall have but a faint conception of the extent to which it is carried in Turkey.

Nor is it confined only to the Grand Signior (Sultan) and his officers of state, whose attendants are very great; but every person, who can afford it, constantly employs a great number of domestics, called Tchocadars; and on particular occasions the Turks will ride on horseback along the streets of Constantinople, followed by ten or twenty, and those, who are very rich, even by an hundred of these attendants on foot.




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