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Medieval gothic era. The clothes in the Middle Ages reflected the place of the person dressed in the medieval estate system of Christian Europe again. The color choice was a distinguishing factor between the estates. In the Gothic clothing became increasingly elaborate. The fashions of the early, high and late Gothic differ very much from each other. At the beginning of the early Gothic in the 13th century, the male fashion of female approaches sharply. Both sexes have long outerwear in the form of a so-called Cotte. It predominates initially seem a little form-fitting fashion, showing essentially towering, slim body – a common ground with the gothic architecture.

13th century duchess costume. Middle ages.

Middle ages costume 13th century, medieval, duchess, Italy

Duchess 13th century



THE accompanying rich and elegant costume has been extracted from a picture by the Duc de Seyde, who died, in the flower of his years, a a victim to his passion for art. He was celebrated both as painter and engraver. At once the friend and rival of Albert Durer (1471 -1528), a noble emulation led them often to treat the same subjects, and the friendship which united them was expressed by a frequent interchange of their works.

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A German Falconer in 13th century costume

German Falconer, 13th century costume, middle ages, medieval fashion, gothic, dress, clothing

A German Falconer


Middle ages, 13th century

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Ecclesiastics of the cathedral of Chartres

Chartres,Cathedral,Ecclesiastics,SCULPTURES, Bishop,Priest,archbishop,chasuble, mitre,costume,Henry Shaw

Ecclesiastics of the cathedral of Chartres.


Initial letter, drop-cap, manuscript,12th century,middle ages,medieval, illumination,Henry Shaw

Initial letter C

CHARTRES is one of the most ancient and interesting towns in France. Popular traditions carry the date of the foundation of the city back to the times of the deluge; and it has been pretended by some of the old antiquaries that its splendid cathedral stands on the site of an ancient Druidical temple.

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Two ladies of Siena. Italy 13th century fashion.

costumes, medieval, Italy, 13th century, fashion, middle ages, Henry Shaw, Sienna.

Ladies playing on the harp and organ.


Gautier de Metz, initial letter, Manuscript, Middle ages

C- Initial letter. MS. Sloane, No. 2435

OSTUME, in the west of Europe, during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, was not strikingly characteristic of difference of countries; its changes were frequent, and often remarkable, but the intercourse between England and France, and in some measure with the neighbouring states, was so constant, that these changes were nearly simultaneous in them all. When, however, we pass to the south, and enter the warm clime and free states of Italy, we find the dresses of all classes have an entirely different character.

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Fashion history of medieval England. 12th, 13th c.


Richard I, medieval England, King, middle ages, 12th century fashion

RICHARD I., 1189-1199. (also “Richard the Lionheart”, “Richard Plantagenêt”, “Richard Ier Cœur de Lion”.)

Fashion history of medieval England from 1154 to 1216.

Anjou-Plantagenêt ruling dynasty.

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Attendant, French Lords costumes. 14th c.

Attendant, French Lords costumes. 14th century. Medieval costume. Gothic. Mi-Parti

Varlet, Seigneurs en costumes de chambre et de ville.

Attendant, French Lords costumes 1360 to 1365.

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Éléonore de Portugal. Impératrice 15ème siècle.

Eléonore de Portugal, Impératrice. 15 vêtements de siècle. costumes de la noblesse médiévale. la mode gothique

Éléonore de Portugal. Impératrice 15ème siècle.

Éléonore de Portugal (~ 1436-1467).

Impératrice du Saint-Empire romain germanique.

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Création d’un chevalier au 15ème siècle.

Création d'un chevalier. Chevalier au 15ème siècle. Moyen âges militaire. costume médiéval. histoire de la mode bourguignonne.

Création d’un chevalier au 15ème siècle.

Création d’un chevalier au 15ème siècle.

Creating a knight in the 15th century.

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Chefs du Tournoi au 14ème siècle. Chevaliers joutes.

Chefs du Tournoi. 14ème siècle. Chevaliers dans la bataille. Médiéval, gothique. Bourgogne Costume Histoire.

Chefs du Tournoi. Chevaliers joutes.

Chefs du Tournoi au 14ème siècle.

Moyen Âge, gothique, les chevaliers, l’histoire du costume des la bourguignonne.

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Défi du Tournoi. Costumes du 15ème siècle.

Défi du Tournoi. Scène Chevaleresque. Tournoi. Vêtements du 15ème siècle. Knights. Roi René d'Anjou. la mode du Moyen Âge.

Défi du Tournoi.

Défi du Tournoi.

Costumes du 15ème siècle. Le bon Roi René, René Ier d’Anjou ou Renatus d’Anjou de 1409 à 1480.

Challenge of the Tournament. Chivalrous scene at the court of King René. Costumes of the 15th century. (René Ier d’Anjou or Renatus d’Anjou 1409 to 1480).

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Jeu de Paume du moyen âge.

Jeu de Paume, Jeu de balle Mediaeval, Costume du 13ème siècle. Robe Bourgogne, Robe gothique, Âges histoire,Moyen costume,

Jeu de paume.

Jeu de Paume

Médiévale jeu de balle au 13ème siècle.

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