13th century costume of a young english nobleman.

England 13th century costume. Middle ages gown. Gothic clothing

Costume of a young nobleman of the reign of King Henry III 1250

13th century costume of a young nobleman.

England costume of a young nobleman in the reign of King Henry III in summer dress, 1250.

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Source: Selections Of The Ancient Costume Of Great Britain And Ireland, from the 7th to the 16th Century by Charles Hamilton Smith. London: Printed by William Bulmer and Co. Shakspeare-Press, for Messrs. Colnaghi and Co. Cockspur Street, 1814 Engraver: Atkinson, John Augustus, 1775 c. 1833, Havell, Robert, d. 1832,  Merigot, James. Hill, John, 1770-1850.

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