Coffee planter in Laymastotte at the foot of bold crags. Sri Lanka 19th c..


Coffee planter, Laymastotte, Sri Lanka, bungalow, architecture
The bungalow of a coffee planter in Laymastotte.

The bungalow of a coffee planter, Sri Lanka.

The bungalow of Mr. Crüwell, a coffee planter in Laymastotte near Happootella-pass, which has been built in a very picturesque situation at the foot of bold crags. One of these is still overgrown by the curious network of roots springing from a fig-tree, while the remaining pieces of large trees around, prove that a majestic wood has been felled here only a few years ago, where now the coffee plants hold possession of every patch of available soil, intervening between the large blocks of a fallen cliff, and even finding a place on the very summit of the rocks, yielding their annual tribute to their owner.

Source: Sketches of the inhabitants, animal life and vegetation in the lowlands and high mountains of Ceylon. As well as of the submarine scenery near the coast taken from a diving bell by the Baron Eugène de Ransonnet. Printed for the author by Gerold & sold by Robert Hardwicke, London 1867.


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