Renaissance dresses. Les modes de la renaissance.

Renaissance dresses. Robes. Les modes de la renaissance.

Dresses. Robes.

Renaissance dresses. 16th century fashion.

L’Histoire du Costume Féminin Français. Les Modes de la Renaissance de l’an 1461 à l’an 1574.  Paul Louis Victor de Giafferri.

  1. Noblewoman under François I (1515). Crimson dress, flowers gold belt gold and white scarf. Necklace gold plate and jewels.
  2. Noblewoman during the reign of Charles VIII in 1496. Blue slit skirt, decorated with scarlet roses same color belt and staffed with golden fringe. The sleeves are slotted and placed in two colors. The headgear consists of a gold-fringed black escoffion. The red petticoat is richly embroidered.
  3. The Duchesse d’Etampes in 1520 in a gray-green dress and billowing, two-tone yellow and white colored sleeves. The high hood is decorated with red and yellow embroidery and a white veil. The belt is provided with a richly decorated, on a long cord hanging pendant. (Anne de Pisseleu d’Heilly, duchesse d’Etampes was a mistress of the French King Francis I)
  4. Wife of the Chancellor of France, Philippe de Cheverny Hurault in 1566. Black dress, a Spanish farthingale, white lingerie, blouse with long sleeves and a high shawl collar, the edges decorated with white lace. The hairstyle and escoffion is kept the fashion of Queen Catherine de’Medici.
  5. Daughter of Catherine de Medici. Dress in pink peach blossom, fine white wimple. Azure galon.
  6. Eleanor of Austria (1558). White Dress embroidered scarlet, crimson apron front. Cherry and white sleeves. Brown spotted fur Denoir. Sleeves, red and green stones. Capacity on the skirt.
  7. Daughter of Catherine de Medici. Azure blue dress, embroidered wimple. Dark blue embroidery, white hair.
  8. Claude de France, the first wife of François I in 1520th black dress, gold embroidered. Long sleeves with white fur. Breast red gold striped cloth and decorated with red-green beads. Yellow gloves. Striped gold, red, white pleated escoffion with black veil. (Claudia of France from 1499 to 1524, from the House of Valois, was Countess of Soissons, Duchess of Brittany and Queen of France by marriage.)


L’Histoire du costume féminin français. Les modes de la renaissance de l’an 1461 á l’an 1574. ROBES. Paul Louis Victor de Giafferi.

  1. Dame noble sous François 1er (1515). Robe cramoisie, fleurs or; ceinture écharpe blanche et or. Collier plaquette or et pierreries.
  2. Dame noble sous Charles VIII (1496). Bleu pers, quille de la jupe, brassard et poignet écarlate. Ceinture dorée et franges écarlate. Manche blanche. Coiffure noir et or.
  3. La Duchesse d’Etampes (1520). Robe vert-de-gris, manches vert et jaune. Coiffure rouge et jaune, voile blanc. Ceinture garnie d’un riche pendentif.
  4. Femme du chancelier de France Philippe Hurault, comte de Cheverny (1566). Robe noire, manches blanches, grand col châle en lingerie et dentelle. Col Médicis Coiffure roire.
  5. Fille de Catherine de Médicis. Robe rose fleur de pêcher, fine guimpe blanche. Galon bleu azur.
  6. Eléonore d’Autriche in 1558. White embroidered red robe, open front with two colored sleeves tucked up in cherry red and white, studded with red and green stones. Furthermore a black-speckled, chestnut-colored fur. A red petticoat, taken with black embroidered bands at the hem.
  7. (Eleanor of Castile Infanta of Spain from 1498 to 1558 was from the House of Habsburg, by marriage, first Queen of Portugal and later Queen of France.)
  8. Fille de Catherine de Médicis. Robe bleu azur, guimpe brodée. Broderies bleu foncé, coiffure blanche.
  9. Claude de France, première femme de François 1er (1520). Robe noire, galon or, manches fourrure blanche. Guimpe rouge sertie or. Sur la poitrine, perles rouges et vertes. Gants jaunes. Coiffure rayée or et rouge, plissé blanc, voile noir.

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