State-entry of Emperor Charles V. Costume cavalcade. Marshall of Flanders.

State-entry, Emperor, Charles V, Costume, cavalcade, Marshall, Flanders,
Charles, Count of Lalaing, Marshall of Flanders.

Guelders Wars.

The Guelders Wars was a warlike dispute over the Duchy of Guelders between the United Duchies of Jülich-Kleve-Berg and Emperor Charles V in 1543. The wars lasted from 1502 till 1543 and ended with a Burgundian victory.

248. Philippe de Croy, Duke of Aarschot, Prince of Chimay, Treasurer, Golden Fleece.
249. Louis van Schore, Chairman of the Secret Council.
250. Lodewijk van Vlaanderen, Lord of Praet, Stadtholder of Holland, State Council, Golden Fleece, Treasurer.
251. Nicolaas Perrenot, Lord of Granvelle, Chairman of the State Council of The Netherlands.
252. Charles, Count of Lalaing, Marshall of Flanders, Chamberlain of the Emperor, Golden Fleece, Treasurer.

Source: Costume cavalcade, has held by members of the Leidsch Studenten Corps, at 24th of June 1890, commemmorating the 300th anniversary of Leyden University, re-living the State-entry of Emperor Charles V (1500-1558), into Nijmegen municipality, the Netherlands, 9th February 1546.

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