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Sarah Bernhardt. French actress

Sarah Bernhardt, French actress,Portrait, Théodora, Victorian fashion

Bernhardt as Théodora (1900) in the drama of the same name by Victorien Sardou

Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923)

Sarah Bernhardt (actually Marie Henriette Rosine Bernardt) was a French actress. She is considered the most famous actress of her time and was one of the first world stars.
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Mountaineer. Traditional Norway costume in 1896.

Mountaineer, Norway, mountain hiking, trekking, climbing, alpine costume

A Mountaineer.

A Mountaineer. Traditional Norway costume in 1896.

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A Lapp boy. Norway costume in 1896.

Lapp, Sami people, Laplanders, costume, norway, boy.

A Lapp boy.

A Lapp boy. Norway 1896.

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Hardanger costume. Norway 1896

Norway, Hardanger traditional costume

Hardanger costume 1896.

Hardanger costume. Norway 1896.

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Mower maid 1896. A Norwegian “Maud Müller”.

Mower maid, Maud Müller, Norway traditional costume, farm girl

A Norwegian “Maud Müller”.

A Mower maid from Norway 1896. Norwegian “Maud Müller”.

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A Norwegian Yeoman 1896. A Voyage to Viking-Land.

Yeoman, Norway, pipe, costume, dress

A Norwegian Yeoman.

A Norwegian Yeoman 1896.

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A Lapp encampment. Norway 1896.

Lapp encampment, Sami, Norway traditional dress, family, costumes

A Lapp encampment

A Lapp encampment. Norway 1896.

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A Norwegian Bride 1896. Traditional Wedding dress.

Norwegian Bride, Wedding dress. Norway traditional, national costume

A Norwegian Bride

A Norwegian Bride 1896.

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Princely Land. Woman from St. Gallen, Swiss.

princely land, Suisse costumes nationaux. Costumes suisses. Switzerland national costumes.

Woman from St. Gallen in the costume of the former princely land.

Woman from St. Gallen of the former princely land.

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