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Costume and Fashion History. Fashion plates of hats and headdresses from ancient to modern times. In particular, the hat fashion and headdress of the Middle Ages, the Rococo, Empire, the Victorian period and the first decades of the 20th century with selected examples of the art deco period.

Head-dresses at the beginning of the 16th century

Anne of Bretagne, Claude de France, Headdress, 15th century, Henry Shaw, middle ages, fashion

Anne of Bretagne, Claude de France?

Head-dresses of the ladies of the fifteenth century

Initial Letter, Pliny. 15th century. Middle ages, manuscript.

L- Initial Letter

ELEGANCE and gracefulness, which had seldom exhibited themselves in the horned and peaked head-dresses of the ladies of the fifteenth century, began again to show themselves in the various headdresses of the beginning of the sixteenth. This was more especially visible in France, which country, then as now, took the lead in the fashions of dress.

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Burgundian type portrait with characteristic headgear.

Burgundian turban headgear. 15th century fashion. Gothic costumes

Burgundian characteristic headgear 1460 – 1500

Burgundian type portrait of the 15th century.

Burgundian characteristic headgear 1460 – 1500.

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Isabella d’Este with the famous Capigliari headdress.

Isabella d'Este. Titian. Renaissance portrait. Renaissance fashion. 15th century costume

Portrait of Isabella d’Este with the famous Capigliari headdress.
Fragment (left and right cut).
Isabella d’Este

Above: Portrait of Isabella d’Este in her sixties, by Titian. Originally, Titian painted between 1534 and 1536 a more aged Isabella, but she was so displeased with it that she made him repaint it so that she appeared forty years younger. The picture based on a sketch after a preparatory drawing that probably Lorenzo Costa had made after an oral description of her half-sister – without model session.

Isabella d’Este 1474 – 1539. Italian Renaissance.

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Medieval female hats and hairstyles of the 15th and 16th centuries.

medieval female hats,hairstyles, modes,15th,16th, centuries, fashion,middle ages

Female hats and hairstyles of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Medieval female hats and hairstyles.

Modes of hairdressing of women in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

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