Claude of France 1498-1524, Queen of France, from the House of Valois.

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Claude of France. La Reine Claude, 1ère Femme du Roi Francois Ier, d´après Gaignières, Née En 1498, Morte En 1524.

Claude of France 1498-1524, Queen consort of King Francis I.

Claude de France from the House of Valois, was countess of Soissons, Duchess of Brittany and Queen of France through marriage. The daughter of King Louis XII of France and his second wife Anne de Bretagne, thus princess of France, Countess of Soissons, Blois, Coucy, Etampes and Montfort. She was always sickly and suffered from since birth under mobility problems. After her father’s death on January 1, 1515 Francis I. has been King of France.

The young queen appeared more interested in politics than religion. In nine years of marriage she gave birth to eight children, but then died at the age of twenty-five years.

“Modes et Costumes Historiques“. Drawing by Xavier Willemin. Edited and steel engraving by Hippolyte Louis Emile and Polidor Jean Charles Pauquet. Published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin London, 1864


Note:  Costumes of Venice. The Venetian gondoliers. Dwarves and jesters.

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